Dinamation started in 1997. After many years of personal experience as Technical Director in the single-use hypodermic syringes manufacturing industry, Tomás Sánchez Facerías, Dinamation’s Manager and Technical Director, decides to take a step forward and starts up a company from which he could offer his philosophy in machine manufacturing to the rest of the industrial fabric.

A total commitment with the client to help him to meet his goals in the short, medium and long-term is the base of our philosophy. Our client will always have Dinamation ready to attend to their technological needs.

To meet this aim, he puts all his theoretical and practical knowledge into play and builds a team around him to satisfy the needs of his clients. This team includes his own staff and trusted external suppliers in areas such as electrical cabinets construction or parts machining.

As a result, our Dinamation machines have high availability and high longevity as outstanding characteristics.

Additionally, we consider that we should always go further. This is why research, innovation and training are constant in our company.

Thus, we have entered strongly into the world of industry 4.0. Our machines report us in real-time their production, their operating parameters, their need for preventive maintenance and manufactured product quality level.

Thanks to this philosophy we have grown in customers and markets. We produce complete lines for some of the most important manufacturers in the automotive world.

Dinamation plans to continue adding customers and expanding into new markets in the coming years.  We take our machines to any place in the world where a customer needs coöperation to solve a production problem by automating their process.