As a leading design company Dinamatino has the best and most standard design tools to help us design your future machine:

Mechanical 3D Design

Our mechanical engineers use industry-leading 3D design tools to achieve the high-quality standards that Dinamation offers to its clients and thus convert the wishes of customers into realizable designs.

Apart from the design of the machines, it helps us to:

  • generate the 2D drawings required for the machining of original parts
  • generate the information documents for our customers in different formats

Electrical and pneumatical design

Almost a standard of the industry, CAD EPLAN Electric P8 allows us to:

  • System for the planning, documentation and management of automation projects.
  • Generation of detailed reports based on the cable diagrams for the assembly workshop
  • Interface with the programming systems


Dinamation adapts to its clients need also in automation and thus is ready to work with the main world-class automation suppliers such as:

  • Siemens
  • Telemechanic
  • Rockwell Automation
  • SMC
  • Festo


We are specialists in the programming of machines using the resources of the Siemens manufacturer, using the most updated version of TIA Portal.

We have programmed different PLC different families, but we are leaders in programming the most advanced PLC’s of 1500 series, mostly safety ones.

Our know-how reaches very specific and demanded themes such as:

  • SAFETY programming
  • servomotors, drivers, frequency variators
  • programming of the different HMIs, in particular of SCADA
  • the embedded web server of PLCs
  • remote communications