Our people

Our team has more than 75% of College graduates, with experience in different fields, as the medical health, industrial, rolling stock and automotive, many of it achieved in Dinamation, due to our low staff rotation rate.


The capacity for innovation is based on the training, knowledge of the latest technologies, new materials and development laboratories.


Adaptability to the specificities of the project, customer preferences, local regulations, and the environment where our solution will be installed.

Customer oriented

Totally focused to meet the needs of our customers, while we deliver machines of high reliability and committing ourselves to their productivity rates.


Headquarters in Zaragoza, important Logistics and Automotive Center, with several major industrial areas in a short radius, as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Pamplona and Toulouse, as well as high speed train, motorways, dry port and close to many maritime ports.

Suppliers network

Long term business relation suppliers network, meeting our quality requirements and able to respond to our production -and our customer’s- needs.

Besides this, we have reached strategic alliances with leading manufacturers as:

  • Siemens
  • SMC

IT infrastructure

Our sister company DATAEBRO, provides to DINAMATION all the state-of-the-art support necessary to ICT.

One of the outstanding points is the high degree of security to ensure the information and confidentiality inviolability.