Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the core of Dinamation. Our expert and highly experienced engineers will find the best solution to match your needs.

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  • We design and manufacture non-commercial parts made of duralumin, steel, copper…
  • Our engineers find and insert in the design all the necessary commercial equipment.
  • We decide the most accurate actuators for any movement of the machine, whether they are pneumatic, hydraulic or electric.
  • Our engineers find and insert in the design all the necessary commercial equipment.

Dinamation always used first-line commercial products and whose availability is easy anywhere in the world. Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Telemecanique, Sick…

Electrical engineering

  • Design of the electrical subsystem of the project.
  • Selection and provisioning of the electrical elements that will ensure the mechanical movements and strength requirements.
  • E-drawings design.
  • Electrical cabinets assembly.
  • Machine cabling and wiring.

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  • Safety programming.
  • Code writing of PLC or another capable CPU software to ensure the functionality desired by the client.
  • Design friendly interface man-machine.
  • Update according to the requirements of the client or by an evolution of the same, usually through a remote connection and minimizing or avoiding downtime.
  • Proficiency on Siemens PLCs.

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Manufacturing, assembly & adjusting

  • Raw materials provisioning.
  • Non-commercial parts manufacturing.
  • Standard equipment provisioning.
  • Full machine assembly, adjusting, testing and startup.
  • In the case of concept evolution, we implement the necessary modifications.


We train your employees to ensure the maximum availability of your machine with minimum cost in hours of work.

Logistics & transports

We carry out the operations of preparation, packing, and shipping of your machine anywhere in the world where you want to receive it.

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