Dinamation Engineering provides full lines, machines and fixtures to the industry fabric. We cover the full process of making a machine:


Once Dinamation receives a request, it is compulsory to study the technical specification. We will assimilate it and solve any possible question that could arise.

Afteewards, Dinamation will issue a quotation including description, scope, price and planning.


This step starts with the purchase order and ends with design acceptance. Obviously, the design will be “recalled” if any issue appears during any phase of machine building.

Design includes:

  • mechanical design
  • electrical design
  • pneumatic design
  • automation programming (PLC and HMI)
  • others


Desgign acceptand is the required mileston to start with provisioning. Our logistics department will then take the necessary actions to:

  • require to our machining suppliers to start producing the tailored parts
  • purchase the commercial materials required for the machine.

Assembly and adjusting

Mechanical assembly is the first task. Later, the electrical team will perform wiring and cabling. And finally, automation department will code the system to run smoothly upon engineering department instructions.

With the movements of the machine, our espert mechanical adjusters will perform de final adjustment.


Now, it is time to check if it complies with the technical specification document. This step ends with the acceptance of the machine and thus it’s ready to be shipped.


Our Logistics & Transport deparment will then make the arrangements to deliver the machine to your facility:

  • preparing
  • crating
  • transport

Startup, trainning & first production assistance

Dinamatino techicians will help your team to stand the machine in it finall posicion and will start the machine up. They will check that it works exactly as it was working at Dinamation facility. They will also train you assist you during the first days of production.