Continuous Ablation Machine is an industry leading Dinamation’s solution.
to accurately remove the thin aluminium protection covering the boron steel sheets designed for hot stamping process.

The Continuous Ablation Machines delivered during last years machines have dramatically increased the production of our clients.

Continuous Ablation Production

The machine ablates tailored blanks on both sides at a speed up to 12m/min. The minimum gap between them is 50mm. The result of this parameters is a very high volume of production. A shift of 8hr would process more than 10,000 blanks of a 300mm welding edge standard reference.


The machine will adapt to any blank shape. The design includes a number of adjustments to allow production teams to fix any issue that could arise with complicated shapes.


As a standard of Dinamation, the Continous Ablation Machine reaches high levels of reliability and efficiency with very low maintenance.

Quality control

Furthermore, the machine includes elements to ensure the final result quality. As an option, this information can be processed by DataEbro‘s CQS Quality Control System to validate the right performance of the system.

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