The Continuous Milling Machine is Dinamation´s solution to treat the edge of a blank when it needs to be milled to remove defects such as those produced by die-cutting.

The milling is produced in a continuous way. The blanks can pass trough continuous the mill at a speed up to 12m/min.

Continuous Milling Machine performance

The machine will remove up to 0,35mm of material. The result is a perfect edge. This kind of edge is key for a much stronger and reliable welding.

The life of the mill is preserved very carefully. This way, Dinamation’s design reduces the production costs and the frequency to stop to change the mill.

The standard model includes two welding heads. The PLC will automatically change from one to the other when a mill is worn.
Consequently, the design minimizes the time to change the mill.

Its performance makes of this machine a wonderful solution to add right before a Continuous Ablation Machine or a Welding Machine.

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