Retrofitting and updating will be an economically feasible service for your production needs in the next cases:

  • Machine tuning to avoid production stops
  • Machine productivity increasing
  • Rebuilding for a new use
  • Ergonomic improvements

Retrofitting and updating

Machine retrofits and updates might include:

  • Changes in electrical system
    • Changes in servo motors, drivers, control units, AC motors, frequency variators…
    • Changes in wiring and cabling
  • Changes in automation
  • Changes in Human to Machine Integration (HMI)
  • Changes in quality system:
    • Retunning old sensors
    • Implementing state-of-the-art sensors and systems
  • Changes in machine-to-factory (Industry 4.0) communication
  • Mechanical changes such as:
    • gear or bearings
    • back to tolerances